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This is the EMAIL ONLY autoresponder version of 29 Days to New Zealand.

The autoresponder is a fun (and effective) way to “read” and “do” our book: instead of a traditional text, you will receive the book day by day over 29 days. You will receive the first day (chapter) shortly after your purchase.

29 Days to New Zealand is a beginner’s guide to visiting the country. In a short, focused text, it offers the outline of a trip to the Land of the Long White Cloud which can help readers to create trips of their own. The book is a labor of love by two people who have found themselves bewitched by the country.


When the authors first began exploring a trip to New Zealand some years ago, they were confronted with 600-page guidebooks and more websites than they could hope to read through in a lifetime. When they returned from their first trip and recounted stories, they realized that others could benefit from a basic introduction to extended travel in the country, covering food, clothing, shelter, weather, transportation, hikes, monuments, and more.


The book is divided into sections of PREPARING, LOGISTICS, NORTH ISLAND, SOUTH ISLAND, and WHAT’S NEXT? These sections each contain single-page Days that offer exercises and room for notes to help you brainstorm and plan for your trip. Reading this book is the first step in discovering this special land.


What People are Saying About 29 Days to New Zealand


“Even though I’ve never been there, after journeying through this book, I feel like I’ve traversed the length, breadth and height of both islands of New Zealand. Now I’m itching for my “return” visit – which will actually be my first!


With this guidebook, thoughtfully compiled by these seasoned travellers, adventurers of all ages and interests can confidently climb that mountain, kayak those rapids, break the ice with other tourists at that breathtaking glacier, then wind down at that idyllic winery (or two, or three…).


This unique, wondrous and rugged land beckons you, utilise these 29 Days to leap into action for the holiday of a lifetime!”


— Theresa Arthur
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