29 Days to France DIGITAL


This is the DIGITAL version of 29 Days to France.

The digital version includes all the content of our printed book, less the photos, and the appendices.


29 Days to France is the ultimate guide to moving to France. Featuring three sections: BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER, this short read will help you prepare to move to another country. 29 Days in France was born out of a desire to share information that the authors wish that they had before they made the jump from the United States to the European capital of bread, wine, and cheese.

Each section is full of tips and advice, including determining your why, deciding what to pack, what visa to get, and how to set up electricity in your new home. The book is divided into Days to help make moving less intimidating, and each day features a short exercise to help you prepare. If you’ve ever thought about moving to France, now’s the time. Reading this book is the first step to starting your new life.

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